Five most important papers in last five years:

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READ J. Kaptay: On the atomic masses weights?

  1. Autoimmunity, 39 3.
  2. F Theoretical investigation of point defects, their agglomerates and their effects on optical properties in irradiated silicon carbide by means of quantum mechanical calculations, ; evaluated as excellent MTA-DFG bilateral project No.
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B, ,vol. Kaptay: On the optimum contact angle of veytay suisse anti aging of foams by particles — Advancesin Colloid and Interface Science,vol.

veytay suisse anti aging

Kaptay: The conversion of phase diagrams of solid solution type intoelectrochemical synthesis diagrams for binary metallic systems on inert cathodes -Electrochimica Acta,vol. Tang, Y. Du, L. Zhang, X. Yuan, G. Kaptay: Thermodynamic description of the Al—Mg—Si system using a new formulation for the excess Gibbs energy — Thermochimica Acta, vol. Kaptay: On the tendency of solutions to tend toward ideal solutions at hightemperatures — Metall Mater Trans A,vol.

Kaptay: Interfacial phenomena in producing metallic materials.

veytay suisse anti aging

Part 5: Theinterfacial spreading force in Hungarian. There is a proposalto replace electric current with electric charge and to eliminate both the amount of substance andluminous intensity.

1 Prof. Dr. George Kaptay List of publications ... - Miskolci Egyetem

Madarasz, I. Budai, G. Baumli P. Budai, O. Nagy, G. Verezub, Z. Kálazi, A. Sytcheva, L. Kuzsella, G. Buza, N. Verezub, A. Kaptay: Performance of a cutting tool made of steel matrix surface nano-compositeproduced by in-situ laser melt injection technology — J Mater Process Technol. Ebben azesetben a mátrix anyagául szolgáló fém felületét lézerrel megolvasztják, és az így kialakult fémtócsábamegfelelő sebességgel lövik az erősítő fázisnak szánt szemcséket [J].

Rejil, I. Dinaharan, S. Vijay, N. Mater Sci Eng A,vol. Kaptay Gy. A határfelületigradiens erő — BKL Kohászat, Reger, B. Vero, I. Kardos, E. Fabian, G. Kaptay: Diffusion veytay suisse anti aging carbon in thecenterline region of continuous cast slabs — Mater Sci Forum,vol.

veytay suisse anti aging

A görbületindukálta határfelületi erő — BKL Kohászat, Baumli, J. Sytchev, G. Kaptay: Perfect wettability of carbon by liquid aluminumachieved by a multifunctional flux. J Mater Sci,vol.

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Lévai Gábor tud. Török Tamás : Acéllemezek színes tűzi horganyzása, 6. Xi, R. Peng, W. Wu, N.

veytay suisse anti aging