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M Biography I was born in Schwedt near Berlin. There I graduated from Highschool.

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When I was 16 my son Dennis was born. During the next few years I started an education as a typograph which I graduated in with execellency and a scholarship. The following 4 years I worked as a graphic-designer in 3 diff erent advertising agencies in Reutlingen and Stuttgart.

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There I fi rst worked as a graphic-designer. After years of strictly virtual work on my Mac I decided to go back to the roots of designing and creating on paper and canvas.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Missing articles by time period/1940-1949

I prefer acrylic on canvas and metal. After some years of producing works in private i collected some dozens objects and paintings and decided to go public. I will continue with creating and perfecting my works nonetheless.

Openly and at the same time mysteriously, in frightening or almost witty manner I would like to lead the dialogue with the world in which we may dream though which we embody, however, primarily, by our actions.

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I tell from the everyday life, paint what I perceive in immediate surroundings, besides, it puts connections here around them immediately again to question. Realistic elements are found in surreal context.

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I hold detailed empires representations for superfl uous. Rather I feel the passionate colour order as the essential means of the expression.

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Nevertheless, besides, I would like to harden not in a stiff technology. I retain integrity myself the fun in the experimentation and can handle thus in the easiest manner every restriction. As soon as the idea has matured for a tiroli suisse anti aging, I consider tiroli suisse anti aging long to fi nd the suitable conversion for it. Then during the real work takes place, nevertheless, a process only noticeable for me of the change with which I succeed at last, however in translating the momentary impressions tiroli suisse anti aging immediate language of the work.

Thus originate the pictures in which by the motive in itself, the choice of the tone or by the application of diff erent materials are inherent like sand and paper moments of the irritation or danger. Changes are necessary, however, can be steered only in artifi cial directions if one gives up general routine.

I would like to disturb the viewer in this manner to concentrate itself only upon this what jumps to him immediately in the eye.

BITCI Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2021

Contact: SOFA1 aon. Works include urban designs, installations and city interventions.

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Teaches methods of urban design at the university of Vienna. Visiting professor at the Pratt institute of New York for city design and at the University of Stuttgart.

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