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Különlegesség, hogy lehet golf bérletet vásárolni.

Az 5 pályás bérlet ára euró, míg a 3 pályás csak euró! Különlegesség, hogy lehet golfbérletet vásárolni igen kedvezményes áron, 5 vagy 3 pályahasználatra, s aki ezzel rendelkezik, az nagyon Special golf pass available — euros for five courses, just euros for three!

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The climate is so good that golf can be played all year round, and on top of that the coast and the gastronomy are also a draw. The quality of the golf courses is impeccable.

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Most of them were designed and put into operation by renowned course builders. Players can find more than 80 courses in the country, from the Argave in the south to the Porto region in the north, and even on the islands, for example Madeira. The super rich live here and you can find truly marvellous coastal villas, the most fantastic residential parks and top-quality golf courses. At least five or six of them are within a travelling distance of 15 min- sokat spórol.

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Ricardo Santos jelenleg a legjobb portugál golfos. Különleges technikája van, nagy ambícióval rendelkezik, és komoly motiváció hajtja a győzelemre. A special feature is that you can buy a golf pass at a truly discounted price, for either five or three courses, and this involves great savings.

Golf sets can be hired for euros, and golf carts are available at a similar price.

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The region has many 5-star hotels and high-standard villas for golfers and general tourists. In fact, it proved to be a very good choice.

Marvellous small residential units stand next to each other in Vila Bicuda, all of them superbly equipped. We stayed in a two-storey, square-metre villa, which Svájci fregiecourt anti aging its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining area and a large terrace overlooking a swimming pool.

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We felt we were in paradise. The latter was listed 68th in the Golf Magazine Top Here you can encounter stars such as ricardo Santos.

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The yearold started playing golf at the Vuilamoura Golf Club when he was eight. He has a special technique and great ambition, and he is seriously motivated to achieve success. In he won the title of best European amateur.

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His results led him to becoming a member of the selected European team, which played at the famous St. Andrews course. He turned pro in and three years later won the Euro Pro Tour series.

The jet Set team tried out thee courses, starting with the Quinta da Marinha, hole, par course, which is 5, metres long and was designed by the noted robert Trent jones. The course design is wonderful. The fairways are laid out by ancient trees and beautiful lakes, and there are some great views over the Atlantic Ocean.

The best panorama of that wonderful water is from the 13th hole.

After the second stroke Svájci fregiecourt anti aging have sight of the ocean, which immediately fascinates all players.