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    Loe sinu keel X DanceWeb: Dance Scholarships The Scholarship Programme offers young professional dancers and choreographers from mainly European but also from non-European countries the possibility to take part in an intense multinational further training programme.

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    The programme focuses on the exchange of ideas and knowledge, not limited by national borders, on concentrated further training, on meeting with internationally renowned artists gathering in Vienna at ImPulsTanz with the aim to orient the career of the participants.

    Inthe programme is taking place from 6 July to 10 August.

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    These expenses need to be covered by chef de etat suisse anti aging scholarship recipients themselves. One scholarship values approximately EUR 6.

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    Each scholarship within the frame of Life Long Burning is co-financed by the Culture Programme of the European Union, by Austrian funding bodies and by local funding from the home country of the nominee. This last part is not yet secured in all countries.

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    Therefore the applicants are encouraged to look for possible funding institutions in their home countries. Please check the former danceWEBers from your home country and where they received funding from.

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    Eligible applicants dancers and choreographers with decidedly professional ambitions from European, Eastern European and non European countries, preferably between 22 and 30 years of age a good knowledge of English The quality of the dance background is the main criteria for participation in danceWEB. Deadline: 17 Decembernoon CET. See on korduv pakkumine, mõeldud individuals tähtaeg.

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