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How to Improve Sperm Motility, Increase Sperm and Semen Volume Have you ever thought about getting regular exercise, enough sleep, give up the alcohol intake idea and eat more antioxidant food? If not, then you are missing something serious in your life. All these tasks not only increase sperm motility and increase male fertility but they also act as a catalyst for your overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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Below mentioned are the best natural ways to increase sperm count. We suggest you bookmark all the tips.

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According to BBCif you indulge in at least half an hour of exercise thrice a week, chances are high that you can beste anti age creme ab 35 sperm fertility in a safe and effective manner. So make sure to check exercise in your daily routine from today!

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Smoking is linked to an increased oxidative stress and reduced blood supply throughout the body. This caused depletion of sperms in the body and oligozoospermia in some cases.

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According to WebMDsmoke due to tobacco as its main ingredient causes low sperm count and, thus, a heaven damaging effect on the DNA of the sperm. To avoid sperm abnormalities, avoid both active and passive smoking.

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Plus, if a person is in a stressful situation in his daily life, then it might affect their sexual life also, which results in less satisfying sex life. When an individual takes stress, the stress hormones — cortisol inside the body gets released, which inhibits testosterone levels, and thus, sperm count gets decreased.

So, you must take the time to unwind in the way you like the most and indulge in relaxing activities you like. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Food for Healthy Sperm Inside the body, the swimming sperm is particularly well boasted with a healthy intake of vitamins, minerals, and they all act as anti-oxidants. This is revealed in a study of reviews, where it is found that sperm increase food which is rich in antioxidants, may contribute to healthy spermatogenesis and an increase in male fertility.

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You can take fresh seasonal fruits to increase sperm count and motility. In order to shield your DNA from being damaged, the intake of strawberries and oranges is also a wonderful idea.

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You can also include supplements that contain vitamins to increase sperm count. It suggests its retention inside the body because semen is the basis of life. Doing sex daily or several times a day can deplete the body of semen leading to poor health.

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Avoid Heat Exposure Tired construction worker wiping forehead at site It is a known fact that the scrotal temperature should be 4 degrees less than the body temperature for proper spermatogenesis production of sperms. If you are exposed to excessive heat regularly for several hours a day then this can have a serious impact on your ability to produce sperms.

Avoid Riding Motorcycle For a Long Time Riding motorcycle for long hours imparts great pressure on the lower pelvic area around the scrotum.

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This reduces the blood supply to the testicles. Also riding in extreme heat can raise the scrotal temperature causing a reduction in sperm production. Bath In Cold Water Bathing in hot water is not recommended if you have low sperms.

As already discussed the scrotal temperature should be 4 degrees lower than the normal body temperature for optimal sperm production.

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A hot bath can increase the scrotal temperature and hamper with normal spermatogenesis. Use Nuts and Dry Fruits Nuts and dry fruits are a rich source of protein, iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements. They help in improving the overall reproductive health and fertility. Cashew and Chilgoza are two specific dry fruits which are very good for increasing sperm count.

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Eat Bananas Banana contains an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme is responsible for increasing libido and sex hormones.

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All of these collectively make banana one of the best food to increase sperm motility and increase male fertility. Eat Pomegranate Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits available in the world.


Pomegranate has great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. They help in erectile dysfunction as well as hasten the process of spermatogenesis. Loose Weight Do you know how to increase male fertility naturally without any specific treatment? Yes, you are right.

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You can lose weight to improve your beste anti age creme ab 35. Research has shown that obesity is directly linked with your chances of having an abnormal semen profile. Various sperm defects both in number, quantity and quality have been detected in obese and overweight men. Avoid Tight Undergarment Tight undergarments, specially briefs can lead to increase in scrotal temperature.

Nature has given a spring mechanism via cremaster muscle to our testicles in order to maintain their optimal temperature suitable for spermatogenesis.

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When there is too much heat, the cremaster muscle relaxes to descend the testis away from the body to cool down the extra temperature, while in cold they contract to pull up the testicles towards the body. Wearing tight underwear may hamper this functionality and no matter what, the testicles are kept in tight proximity to the body.

This sometimes has a negative effect on your sperm production.