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  5. Besides studies revealing the molecular mechanisms underlying the associations of telomere defects and mitochondrial functions, investigations of mitochondrial DNA copy number mtDNAcn and telomere length TL in healthy and disease phenotypes have likewise begun, with the aim of gaining more insights about their relationship in humans.

History The history of the geriatrics and gerontology in Hungary — the HAGG The importance of health issues related to aging and older people was recognized as science in Hungary in the early 20th century. Four scientists did efficient pioneering work for anti aging topics development of gerontology and geriatrics in the country: prof.

Sándor Korányi physician and nephrologist anti aging topics, Frigyes Verzár physiologyand professors László Haranghy and Edit Beregi on the field of pathology.

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The first Congress on Gerontology was organized in Coordination and support for research on gerontology started when the Committee of Gerontology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was set up, with prof. Haranghy in the chair. The Committee regularly organized scientific meetings and CME courses on gerontology.

It was led szemránckrém 25 év felett László Haranghy. From the late sixties the scientific activity on the medical, clinical and sociological fields of gerontology gradually increased. The team of the contemporary Hungarian Research Institute on Gerontology played important role in this development.

The significant international activity of the Hungarian Association of Gerontology and mainly that of prof. This really successful congress was attended by nearly participants.

Geriatric medicine as a primary medical speciality has been recognized since The minimum criteria for geriatric departments anti aging topics been defined in the early years of this century by the health authorities.

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Membership of HAGG paying members : It has decreased in the last years. The majority of members is geriatrician working in hospital or university departments, or in Nursing Homes but there are also nurses and physiotherapists in the HAGG.

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Information to the members: mainly by e-mails and attachments. The chair of geriatrics at the Semmelweis University has an up-to-date technical basis also for high-level international videoconferences.

Organization of the health care system including geriatric care Dominant part of the Hungarian health care system is organized and supervised by the government and funded by the National Health Fund.

The geriatric departments also operate in this framework.

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The real private sector has a small segment of health care system, the majority of them are outpatient clinics. In the case of elderly people, a significant part of nursing homes are private institutions. However, even these private nursing homes can get some partial financial support from the National Health Fund because solution of the domestic problems of elder patients and their long-term care by government-funded institutions is relatively insufficient and only few patients have additional insurances.


Laszlo Ivan MP has been accepted by the health authorities and this process has started infirst in the universities. Undergraduate and postgraduate tuition Undergraduates learn 6 years at the medical schools of our four major universities Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, Pécs before getting a diploma.

To be a geriatrician a postgraduate doctor has to have standardised training in hospitals or university departments for further 5 years first an internal medicine and emergency based common trunk for 24 months and then a second more special block of 36 months including internal medicine, geriatrics, geronto-psychiatry, neurology, rheumatology, oncology, immunology.

The practical teaching program is carried out by local tutors, but the whole training process of a given geriatrician-candidate is being supervised by an appointed university mentor.

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A practical and theoretical exam at a state exam committee professors finalizes this specialization-process. The first Hungarian university textbook of Geriatrics ed.

Székács B. In professors B. Székács and I. Kiss from the Semmelweis University initiated a case-based online interactive geriatric teaching and self assessing program with case presentations and basic knowledge blockstargeting first of all the geriatric residents.

This e-program has been successfully completed and finalized by the leading experts of the four geriatric gerontological university departments in In the last decade a great number anti aging topics scientific and educational papers related to the gerontology and geriatrics has been published in Hungarian or international scientific journals mainly on the following topics: Regulation of aging at molecular biological level Significance effects on the anti aging topics pressure regulation, kidney, CNS and oxidative components, etc.