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I've succumbed to the whole fiftyfiftyish conundrum this year: [there's a good side to bad and a bad side to good to equalish amounts, so all is good at the end]. Even wording this makes me feel My year in London made me realize quite fast that even though in Hungary we are well used to drama blogging, trauma news and catastrophy awareness, that's less the case, stabbing westwards - everyone has someone who's dying and noone puts it in the shopwindow.

Mindig nadrágot és tornacipőt visel Mérések hüvelyk vagycm Cipőméret 8 USA vagy 5,5 Egyesült Királyság vagy 38,5 EU Márka jóváhagyások Ellen DeGeneres hollywoodi karrierje során az évek során számos reklámban jelent meg. Ő a JC Penney reklámszóvivője. DeGeneres képviseli saját termékcsaládját a QVC-n, egy otthoni vásárlási hálózaton. Vallás Keresztény tudósként nőtt fel, de később vallástalannak titulálta magát.

So I really sat down, shrink theory and all, to count the things that were good good first! Which makes the good points stronger. And makes me want to ditch the half-assed waiting even more and launch the products and projects we've been brainstorming in times of woe, the tracks I was composing at post-3am insomnia bubbles, the blog posts I've never posted, the slam poetry drafts that ended up in the strangest mailboxes on the strangest hilltops.

Yes, I can hear you reaching out and listening. Q3-Q4 was something I can easily call a period of the dark night of the soul, with all its occult implications and whatnot but it sounds needlessly dramatic so I opened up my mega folder of EBM, industrial and new beat to find a nineties' release title that fits this year. Those dreams might even be hatching, as we speak. My amazing friend TheLastLaugh Julie is behind this wording: and this is a very vocal thank-you to her that she helped me fight through the very fucking worst weeks of this year.

I owe you a lot for that and everything else, Jules ; Wrote a new book, it's non-fiction and it needs some extra insight and addition from others, but it's mostly ready. A note to all my friends on this globe and beyond: it's in English! Those of you on Instagram: you might have seen a few thumbnails already! My first novel is still anti aging mila kunis synopsis form - but it's gotten a lot more wicked since I turned my ideas into plot summary words this January.

All the trauma experiences I had this year I have more lives than a feline gave me a great idea and mindset for the first chapter.

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Yes, it's going to be a head-on mindfuck, yes it's also related to new technology and it's also related to ancient tech we still haven't figured out how anti aging mila kunis use decently and no I'm not talking about organic anal bleach here. Stay tuned for more. Had a number of lectures and talks this year: re-visited International Business School Budapest to teach youngsters about social media, PR pitfalls and digital marketing; talked about music profiling at a Virus event hosted by Kati Oltai and properly mindwarped some five hundred devs about the future of mobile tech at HWSW!

App - and the list goes on. I'm NDA'd about a lot of things I did this year - but they mostly had to do with infographics and scripts.

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I'll let you guys know more once we get greenlit for one of the projects that we especially liked working on. We've been expecting that email in December, guess we have to wait some more.

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Photo: aorcsik. I stopped writing music in and that was one of the worst decisions I made that promptly started a domino of many, much more worse decisions. So I just decided that all the time I spent procrastinating with social media, gaming and whatever else could be put to proper use with turning off the internet and going back anti aging mila kunis mad audio knob-fiddling!

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Best times ever. Renoise is goddamn amazing!

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When I was making tracks back in the days, I mostly used FastTracker, so getting back to a very similar workflow and arrangement is something that appeals to me a lot. I have a lot of ideas and patterns and half-songs stored in either Renoise or CAUSTICanother great music making software, not as complex as Renoise but infinitely fun, especially its modular synth module! Those on Instagram: a couple of sec blips are posted there and you might notice anti aging mila kunis I love arps a lot.

A remix is in the making and another remix for a release is being talked about.

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Watch this space for more strangeness! I might happily add, though, that I really have the life expectancy of a whole ballroom of cats.

Demi Mur és Ashton Kutcher. A szerelmi történet, és az oka a válás.

If I have any guardian angels, chances are, they're very, very drunk by this time of year. Not really wanting to add specifics.

Legerőteljesebb hatását a ráncok megelőzésében és kisimításában tudja kifejteni, hihetetlen erős antioxidáns hatása van. Semlegesíti a szabadgyököket, melyek felelősek a bőr öregedéséért és javítja a bőr szerkezetét-és tónusát A málnamag olaj egy igazi mindenes, így alkalmazható az ajak, a körmök és a körömágybőr ápolására is.

Move on, everyone. Also Björk's Biophilia live screenings were touching beyond words. Yep, we went to see it twice with the amazing Brigiri.

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And now I want to buy hang drums. Do I get an achievement for ending up in a crossword puzzle? Mostly talking about Arturia, Nordleads and mike sensitivities, if I remember right. AND Star Wars. Yeah, still hiding circuitry under slabs of colored paper. And that's a new creative corner. Anti aging mila kunis the tee. And something of an inspiration board that I quickly compiled from all the flyers and cards I found while figuring out where I might have put my notes from a few years ago.

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Nope, didn't find it, but this one totally made the search worthwhile. People are usually startled when they see best anti aging products for 20s south africa. The lodge has mostly been closed this year so the few people who have actually seen this were Good, but completely beside the anti aging mila kunis.

Expect a post about this super soon: Angelspit, Black Nail Cabaret, Biosphere, The Future Sound of London or Perturbator released some amazing music this year and they deserve your attention and hard-earned YouTube money. If it's not this year, it's early next year. Also, some terrific S13 mixes to end up in my ears this year!

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All the more fun to look forward to inhopefully with less woe, goofing off and leaving good ideas unfinished. Not really a fan of making new-year's-promises but if I can keep up these three, gods save you all, hahaha.

Thanks to all the lovely friends, acquaintances and the beautiful people for keeping the pumps working. I loved working on anti aging mila kunis as I haven't been properly pouring out my headmeat babies through music, only through words or graphic design - this was definitely a different approach.

One that requires less coffee but more headphones, then meeting more people to listen to your track on their phones, tablets, computers, car stereo, normal stereo, partyplace and the occult little sound system you made from their cat's hymen. Most of my musician or producer friends I was talking to were usually advocates of one DAW over the others: this obviously saying a lot about their anti aging mila kunis or underlying concept of production.

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Most recommendations were clearly pointing towards Abletona few towards FL Studio Well, I grew up on FastTracker and whenever I hear music it runs from top to bottom in my head, not from left to right. That's one thing.

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The other is: Renoise does look a bit more intimidating than Ableton but that sort of non-userfriendly and very mathematical feel makes you go more creative and more understanding of what you're trying to accomplish. No, it's not easy but for people who love their obsctacles in order to make them more creative, it's a godsend. Glitch Baby Go grew out of Anti aging mila kunis, one of my favourite tracks that I've done back in the 90s.

Changed most of the instruments, kicks, turned the bassline from a collection of three very similar offset-shifted bass samples to a combination of three very different sounding instruments, added a lot of samples from William Gibson's Neuromancer audiobook and some glitch vocals, did some mastering Good glitching - more stuff coming up soon. Hopefully sooner than later. Heh heh. Etape 3 for Capture File: a coffeebreakful voyeurism into cultural products of cyberpunk, futurepresent, glitch culture and whatnot, every Friday from now on in the eurozone.

If you have anything to add, share or comment, do so in the comments or drop me a mail to info planedamage. And, yeah, have a great weekend. Time to re-evaluate.

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So I'm pretty much motivated by lots of oldschool stuff at the moment. Or I'm just getting old and nostalgic, could be either at this point. Amazing production quality, great tracks, very coherent production, mind-blowing atmosphere. His recent new album Dangerous Days is a further proof of godlike qualities. As a subtle side effect, it's gonna rain.

The possibility is there but I won't say anything until more materials emerge And as for other news: Minority Report TV show reportedly in development : "The director is reportedly working to turn his classic sci-fi film into a television show, which would be produced by anti aging mila kunis company Amblin Entertainment. Amblin is reportedly looking toward Max Borenstein, writer of this year's Godzilla, to write and create the series — it isn't clear if Borenstein has signed on just yet, but he has been thanking people who congratulate him on Twitter.


The case figures to be closely watched by insiders. Blade Runner 2 script finished and "damn good" according to Ridley Scott : The story will bring back Harrison Ford, who starred in the film as one of the eponymous replicant hunters. Scott says that Ford's character is "a survivor after all these years," which, certainly, is a curious fact in and of itself given the ambiguous ending of certain cuts of the film.

That's gonna be some real interesting bardo work when this gets released on September 15th! Release: Sep 26th, expect a review a lot sooner! Release: Sep 23th! Contains stuff from a whole generation of great new artists, from Zinovia to Idlefon, genotropin adagolás anti aging Tangent to Ocoeur These are "audio life forms", 3D objects that react to bird sounds in a droolingly glitchy matter.

Facial projection mapping. I got this from literally everyone, a bit sad that I ended up sharing this with you a lot later. I'm weeping now, obviously.