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Metrics details Abstract There are several harmful and yield decreasing arthropod pests, which live within plant tissues, causing almost unnoticeable damage, e. Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. Their ecological and biological features are rather known.

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The process leading to the damage is difficult to trace by anti aging anon scansion of conventional imaging techniques. In this review, optical techniques—X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, confocal laser scanning microscopy, infrared thermography, near-infrared spectroscopy and luminescence spectroscopy—are described.

Main results can contribute to the understanding of the covert pest life processes from the plant protection perspective. The use of these imaging technologies has greatly improved and facilitated the detailed investigation of injured plants.

The results provided additional data on biological and ecological information as to the hidden lifestyles of covertly developing insects. Therefore, it can greatly contribute to the realisation of integrated pest management criteria in practical plant protection.


Introduction Ecological characteristics of hidden-lifestyle arthropods In the assessment of losses due to pests, hidden-lifestyle insects present a particularly serious problem. Several, arable, horticultural and forestry pests that belong to different taxonomy groups have this special developmental trait.

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A non-exhaustive list of such pests includes the xylophagous longhorn- Cerambycidaejewel- Buprestidae and bark beetles Scolytidae Coulson and Witter or etc.

Substantial economic damage caused by these species was recorded Hill The young hatched larvae of O. In the absence of preventive measures, O. These arthropod pests live mostly hidden in plant tissues.

Different benefits account for features of this hidden developmental pattern such as the exploiting of: 1 protection against predators and parasitoids; 2 the presence of nutrition; 3 the optimal abiotic conditions in temperature, humidity and pH.

During this developmental stage the insect causes various biological disturbances to the plant which depends on its habitat: 1 species developing in the roots trigger the interference of water and transport of minerals; 2 species developing in the stem inflict disturbance on plant transpiration; 3 anti aging anon scansion developing in the seeds cause the destruction of endosperm and embryo Porca et al.

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The larvae raising, the plant tissue dissection and different observation in field conditions pheromone and light traps, etc. In plant sciences as a whole, studies making use of non-destructive image and spectroscopic techniques have remained comparatively scarce. Taking computer tomography CT as an example the first use this technique can be linked to forestry testing Taylor et al. Staedler et anti aging anon scansion.

Thus, computed tomography is comparatively underused in plant sciences, and there is little meaningful trend towards change.

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Current szem körüli ráncok techniques for hidden plant pest analysis Radiography, computer tomography CTmagnetic anti aging illóolaj keverék imaging MRI and near-infrared spectroscopy NIRS use a part of the electromagnetic spectrum to produce images.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the frequency-based arrangement of the electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic radiation consists of electric and magnetic field which are perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of the propagation. Anti aging anon scansion transmissibility of the electromagnetic radiation through the medium largely depends on the properties of the material and the frequency of the radiation Hart et al.

The properties of anti aging termékek kollagénnel electromagnetic radiation of the here focused imaging methods are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Technical properties of imaging methods Full size table The principle behind the use of confocal laser scanning microscopy CLSM in biological applications is the concept of obtaining clear optical sections of transparent, fluorescent specimens, hence obviating the need for physical tissue sectioning Pawley This can be achieved by confocal pinhole-based illumination of the specimen, capitalising on photomultiplier tube technology, which results in an image plane that is conjugate with the specimen plane so that out-of-focus light emanating from the specimen is discriminated against and thus largely hindered to impinge on the detector.

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Consequently, stacks of 2D images acquired by scanning sequential focal planes can be rendered 3D images. The electrical signal generated can be displayed in units of temperature. Eventually, each signal is given a certain colour which, following energy conversion to an electrical signal, can be displayed in units of temperature facilitating anti aging anon scansion measurement from a distance without contacting the object to be measured.

Our review is focussed in the next chapters in in vivo plant imaging methods suitable for the detection of the biological parameters of hidden-lifestyle arthropod pests of highlighting their advantages and disadvantages and their technical details.

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Non-destructive imaging techniques X-ray imaging The X-ray imaging is the most commonly used imaging technique in the medical practice, providing two-dimensional projections. Radiography is performed with an X-ray source on one side of the object and a typically flat X-ray detector on the other side. A short duration typically less than half second pulse of X-rays is emitted by the X-ray tube, a large fraction of the X-rays interacts in the examined object, and some of the X-rays pass through the sample and reach the detector, where a radiographic image is formed.

The homogeneous distribution of X-rays that enter the sample is modified by the degree to which the X-rays are removed from the beam i. The attenuation properties of tissues such as bone, soft tissues and air are very different, resulting in the heterogeneous distribution of X-rays that emerges from the sample.

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The radiographic image is a picture of this X-ray distribution. The detector used in radiography can anti aging anon scansion photographic film e.

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Radiography is a useful technique to visualise the projection of the sample, but it has limitations, e. Milner et al. Developments of Sitophilus granarius L. Other techniques anti aging programok in seed testing Metzner like coffee beans and nuts Estevez ; Vilar are not applicable to soft vegetable materials.

According to Martel and BelangerX-ray xerography can be developed into useful in situ tool in the study of the biology of hidden insects in plants without plant dissection Fig.

As a result of these authors, the movement of O. However, it is clearly visible that X-ray absorption is dependent on density, a clear picture was created by marked X-ray absorption by solid plant or sclerotised animal tissues, but less so by soft tissues and even less by fatty tissue.


X-ray anti aging anon scansion is suitable for preview 2D image creation, but imaging of some spatial forms or co-presence of more larvae has proven cumbersome e.

The advantage of this technique is its easy mobilisation, but the vitality of the examined organism can deteriorate by more irradiation similar to CT. During the data collection procedure, the X-ray tube rotates continuously around the object X—Y plane and simultaneously the examination table moves perpendicular to this plane Z direction.

This is the so-called spiral data collection mode in the multi-slice CT system, where an image reconstruction algorithm calculates 2D pixel values with a third dimension given by slice thickness. The spatial resolutions of the equipment are different.


Nowadays, the medical CT scan produces sub-millimetre spatial resolution e. However, the micro-CTs reach a better resolution, but the field-of-views are definitely smaller.

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The micro-CT resolves 5-μm features, covers a field-of-view about 12 cm wide with an cm vertical travel range, while the medical scanners can produce images from an object with 50 cm diameter cylinder and cm length Manuel et al. CT is one of the most useful non-destructive techniques providing qualitative anti aging anon scansion quantitative results using ionised radiation.

It can visualise the texture and volume fractions of examined objects. The density parameters can also be used for statistical analysis throughout the 3D volume.

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There are some limitations of this technique. Firstly, when the lowest achievable voxel size is large compared to the size of the object under investigation. Secondly, during the CT scanning process there can be other detrimental effects, such as the presence of artefacts produced by metallic materials. The tomographic reconstruction requires an immobile object which does not move during the CT examination.

Thirdly, using different examination protocols must be avoided, because it may lead to image acquisition anomalies caused by the individual operator.

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The image acquisition protocol should be well defined; otherwise, quantitative analysis is unrealisable. Thereafter, the prepared volume from the cross-sectional images needs to be analysed using 3D analysis software.

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Manual, semiautomatic or automatic segmentation is crucial for quantitative or adequate qualitative results on the 3D. The cavities made by larvae indicated with light green and the larvae with red colour on the 3D view Full size image Richards et al. The scans were of sufficiently high resolution In addition, the images anti aging anon scansion high-resolution X-ray computed tomography CT provide new insight and details of metamorphosis of several insects and allow the measurement of tracheal and gut volume Lowe et al.

These authors indicate a rapid development of the tracheae, which become visible in scans just 12 h after pupation.

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The use of new technologies, especially computer-based three-dimensional reconstructions and micro-CT μ-CThave greatly improved and facilitated the detailed investigation of insect anatomy. The use of μ-CT greatly enhances the efficiency of the acquisition of detailed anatomical data and allows a broad taxon sampling in phylogenetic studies partly or entirely based on morphological characters.

The disadvantage of phase-contrasted μ-CT images is the poor differentiation of different tissue types Friedrich and Beutel Visualisation of the hidden developing is considerably better by means of CT; moreover, 3D imaging and its multi-directional rotation can be of great avail.

Unfortunately, the mobile use of CT cannot be implemented.

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